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Wayne's Guarantee

"I guarantee the workmanship and performance of all my knives. If you are not 100% satisfied, you can return your knife and I'll send you another one, or you can get a full refund.

"I am a one-man shop and make a limited number of knives per year, so please be patient if you have trouble contacting me. If you can't reach me by email, please call me at (803) 686-0136."

- Wayne Hendrix

About Hendrix Handmade Custom Knives

Hendrix Knives are constructed from the following materials:

Steel: I use ATS 34 (154 cm) which is professionally heat treated to a Rockwell C Hardness of 58-60. This steel is one of the best corrosion resistant steels available today with edge holding characteristics that are desirable in a working knife. All models are made from 1/8" stock except models #3 and #21 (built from 3/16" stock).

Handles: Handle material is a matter of personal preference. Some materials are better suited for knives than others with regard to durability and stability. Handle materials, such as stag, desert iron wood, African blackwood and curly/birdseye maple, when stained with chromic acid, are some of the better natural handle materials. The best handle material readily available to knifemakers for "using knives" is linen micarta, which comes in black, maroon or red. It is probably the most stable and water resistant material in use today.

Other handle materials: These will incur additional costs such as Abalone, Curly Maple, Desert Ironwood, Elephant Ivory, Mammoth Ivory, Kudu, Sheep Horn, Sandbar Stag, and White Micarta are Price on Request (PoR).

Sheaths: All knives come with sheaths made from 9-10 oz. vegetable tanned leather. I make all sheaths and then wet form them to each knife. After the sheath is dry, it is dipped in oil and harness dressing to protect it from moisture and to help maintain its fit to the knife.

PLEASE NOTE: Natural handle materials cannot be guaranteed against changes in dimensions or coloration. Knives are meant to be used as cutting instruments, not as screw drivers or pry bars. Any abuse will void the warranty. A custom knife will perform trouble free for years if given the same care as a fine gun.