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Our Special Offer

Why this opportunity is so unique

Ruby and I rolled up our sleeves and got talking the other day (actually, a few years ago) about how we could make more of our knives available.

We came up with a thorough list of requirements that any high-availability Hendrix knife must have… no exceptions here. We decided then and there that we weren’t going to compromise on any of this:

  • Quality – Just like my custom designed knives, any new knife must pass our strictest quality examination.

  • Design – The knife must be designed with the true outdoorsman in mind. The blade, shape, and handle must be a true utility knife for skinning game or other outdoor uses.

  • Production – The knife must be made and assembled with similar uncompromising standards we’ve used over the years.

  • Durability – No cutting corners here. The knife must be made of durable stainless steel (440C) to provide a quality sharp edge and be corrosion resistant.

  • Value – Just like the great value you get from a hand-made Hendrix knife, this knife would not be an exception… must deliver great value for knife enthusiasts, hunters, and outdoorsmen alike.

  • Sheath – Can’t forget about this. Any quality knife must have an ox hide leather sheath made with the best craftsmanship.

  • Signature – Any knife I design must come with my laser signature designating it as a W. Hendrix knife. We won’t do it any other way.

After two years of working with a small team of experts in the knife industry, we feel we’re ready to offer you an amazing knife.

With my personal involvement, this W. Hendrix Design knife was produced at higher volumes yet maintains the highest quality. It took some time to get this right, but I think you’ll agree the results are amazing.

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W. Hendrix Design WHD1

 special offer W. Hendrix Design WHD1 knife

Made with uncompromising
design and quality!

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Dear Friend:

It’s not often that certain opportunities come around in your life.

Whether you’re a hunter, outdoorsman, or just a collector, this is an opportunity that might be too good for you to pass up…

I’ve been custom-designing and hand-producing knives for 25 years. I certainly have a passion for this creative work and enjoy working with my wife, Ruby, in our “one-man” shop.

And that’s been part of our challenge… the “one-man” shop. I can only make a limited number of knives every year.

Now I don’t have a problem with our limited production and I am very satisfied with the outcome and very high quality of the knives we produce. But it does limit the number of folks, perhaps like you, who may have access to our knives.

Exclusive Limited Edition… Yet Very Affordable

The bottom line is you can now have a W. Hendrix Design knife at a much more accessible price than my custom made knives.

There’s only one catch… since this is our first journey down this road, we decided to limit the initial production run of this first knife, the W. Hendrix Design WHD1-Model… we want to make sure we hit the nail squarely on the head.

Priced under $80, I would move fast because I can’t guarantee the price will stay this low after this exclusive limited run. If I were you I’d grab one of these beauties before they’re all gone. If you don’t, your hunting or outdoor friends could get the edge on you with this one.

Plus, this would be an excellent knife to get for the junior outdoorsman in your family or amongst friends.

In fact, I like these knives so much, I plan on keeping a couple for myself.

I guarantee the workmanship and performance of this W. Hendrix Design knife with the same warranty I back my custom made line.

If you’re not 100% satisfied, you can return your knife and I’ll send you another one. OR, you can get a full refund within 30 days.

Now how is it I can offer you such a great warranty? Well, simply put, I’m very impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of this new knife. And as long as the knife is not abused and is used as a cutting device for which it was designed, I’m convinced you won’t have any problems with quality or durability.

Thank you!

wayne and ruby hendrix signature